Arty Nelson has ‘member artists’ and ‘guest artists’.  The members are the individuals who operate the gallery on a voluntary basis.  They have the gallery keys and are responsible for paying for things like rent, insurance and power.  They also work to keep everything as safe, secure and as pleasant as possible.  The members have worked together for a long time and they are not looking for any more members.

Guest artists are very important at Arty Nelson.  They contribute freshness and variety.

Catherine Walters is currently our guest artist co-ordinator.  If somebody wants to know about being a guest artist, Cath is the one to contact.  Her email address is 

It costs a lot to operate a gallery in the city.  To help ensure that we can meet our commitments, guests are charged a moderate amount of ‘rent’ for the space they use.  In addition, Arty Nelson takes commission from all sales.

When selecting guest artists we consider what work might fit well with the surrounding pieces.  And because the bills keep coming we can be inclined to choose an artist who has at least some work in the mix that appears to be ‘saleable’ according to our experience.  We appreciate guest artists who stay with us over the colder, often quieter, months.  Our costs are much the same all year round, and perhaps a little greater in winter… but we find that some artists want space only during the busy season.

There may be a waiting list for guest space, and some applications are not accepted for reasons indicated earlier.  We don’t classify art as good or bad.  Our primary aim is to maintain a happy and viable gallery.

We currently occupy a building that we may have to leave at short notice. Therefore a guest artist may be asked to remove their work sooner than expected.

We arrange the gallery as best we can to keep things harmonious and interesting.  There is no guarantee that any artist will be allocated window space, although we try to be balanced and fair.

Sometimes a customer wants work to be shipped within New Zealand or overseas.  Our policy is that the artist is responsible for packing and shipping his or her own work.  We always try to consult with the artist before making any such sale, so it is important to us to have a reliable telephone number and email address for every artist.