Arty Nelson is the name adopted by a group accomplished artists who collaborate to present a variety of high-quality artwork from around Nelson.   We network with a growing number of regional artists, we maintain a simple website and a Facebook page…. and, whenever possible, we operate a gallery.  The current gallery is located at 126 Trafalgar Street in Nelson, next to the City Council building.  The member artists, and many guests, have work on display.   Opening hours are Mon-Sat 11am-3pm, Sun 11am-2pm.  The gallery does not have a telephone, but general enquiries can be directed to Jackie MacDonald at  Her phone numbers are  (03) 545 6973 or 021 022 90996

Contact details for recent and current participating artists may be found on the artist directory page of this website. 

“The best gallery in Nelson” – a frequent visitor comment.